Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday, sunday...

Sun is shinning all over the island and the sky couldn't be clearer... ohhhhh, I HEART Ibiza!

Lazy morning in slow motion, recovering from last week, preparing next (with flower power opening on Tuesday!).

June is here, summer is around the corner, ice cream time... and my trip to Dominican Republic (I'm totally freaked out, and excited at the same time!).

Hours on the beach!

Bernerd came back from Belgium with tones of chocolates (merci pour les kilos ;-)) and tones of my favourite comic: Gaston Lagaffe, Fantastic!

My cousine Monica is here, so after lying on the beach all morning, reading my book and frying, I'm going to meet with her and go climbing!
I don't know if I can lift my ars up after spending all week eating so much chocolate... but, I have to try!
Then, I will go and look at boats at the marina, to see what is around...

I will try to be a little bit better with the blog, but I have been so busy.... and when I have nothing to do... I always find something!

Hope you are all good

Peace and love


I hate when Mayday does that!!

Frying like a frying thing (oui maman j'ai mis de la creme sur le visage avec protection 30!!)

All in the pic: Karl's legs, Mayday in full, my hand (?) and Phil's foot!

The board

My book


And the rest of the images is just randomness that I found this last few weeks and made me smile!

Ca: J'ADORE!!!

I love this one too

From now on, that's the way I want my potatoes, pleaseeeeeeeee