Saturday, June 29, 2013


... express...

And here I am.
After a crazy busy week, finally the time came... at 4 o'clock this morning.
Karl and Mayday dropped me at the airport for my first flight in the next 12 days.

Arrived at 8 am to Madrid, went home, had lots of coffee and then spent the day shopping for clothes that I may never wear again.
But hey... maybe I actually end up loving the "boating" style! ;-)

Other then that is weird to be here, miss the boys, miss the island!
Thank you by the way for all you support through all the week and through all this months of preparations, exams, stress, studying, more stress etc... I hope to make you all very proud!

An example of my new clothes:

A skirt to my knees!!! my knees!!! NEVER!! I like skirts and I like them as short as possible! shame!
Actually to don't get any temptation, I left them all in Ibiza!

It was so funny, because we were browsing around the shops with my dad trying to find the clothes that actually are NOT my style... but hey, c'est la vie!
And we ended up in Rip Curl (very me!). I went out of the shop with 2 amzingly hippy colourful bikinis and my dad looked at me and said:
" we have to get back on track, that's our first failure in the mission!"

Very funny! but hey look at this, is so me:

Compair with the "boating" stuff, a little bit of colour in life is good!



Boring... but retro... very VINTAGE!

Thank you for all my yoga friends as well for all your support and positive energy! I will miss you during this days a lot!
I will try to do some yoga tomorrow to avoid a heat attack (I'm so nervous and scared!)

I will post some more news tomorrow and hopefully all along, to let you know how everything goes!

Love to you all


ps: Borja and Karl: I'm very jealous about the amazing flabellina that you saw today on the Don Pedro!! It's so pretty!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


.... I did it again!!

Night out with the boys to the flower power!
Celebrating love, friendship and of course Borja's birthday! Our best DMT ever!!

at Pacha Ibiza


wauuuu it was cold in the terrace. lost all my glamour looking like a hoody!!

Because some days, this is what you have to do:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I just LOVE this picture

and because today, this really make sense...

What is happening?

... ah yes, life is happening, and is happening real fast at the moment!
I don't even have time to think about that, I just wake up every morning and go for it!

There is amazing moment, where beauty makes me forget our shit is my inner life, and remind me how amazing is my outside life!
What I see, what I smell, what I taste... I wish my feelings were more free sometimes, and my explosions more explosives.
But you choose, you deal with it... no complains, no sadness, no regrets...

At the end... it's all good, family, friends, diving and yoga... ah... and Ibiza... for now... the balance is right...

Leaving in 11 days, I'm scared, stress, tired, and excited... when I have time!

Some pictures here, of "when life is good"

More to come, I took about 100 pictures of the sunset and about a 100 of the moon rise... all the same really, but so amazing...

peace and love

Just me

Friday, June 14, 2013

all because...

... of loving the sun!

So that's it! apparently, I'm out of date! hahaha!
Went to the pharmacy to buy a cream for my face, to protect and regenerate the skin (IMAGINE!!), yes, yes, this is Isa writing, hello, hello, yes, I bought my first cream for the face!! OMG... I'm fucked! or at least, as I say, out of date, like the mouldy bread! hahahaha

Anyway, not only the cream was 42 euros, 42!! (shame that you can't see my eyes opening huge every time I think I say the price in my head, again, 42!!!), but the girl in the Pharmacy told me that at our age is normal to start taking care of our face, OUR AGE???!!! (Again, my eyes opening huge!), I nearly punch her in the face, but to be fair, she is sweet and probably... just 20!! ;-)

So other than that, is not sunday and I manage to write a little on my blog...
Sun is shining in Ibiza and the sea is beautiful... so I guess, I'm happy!

Bernard sent me some pics from the photographer the other night at the B12 gallery...
so here is a little bit of glamour (even before using 42 euros cream!!).



Je sias maman: Isabelle, tiens toi droite! mais je suis super concentrée et je ne savais pas que le photographe de la galerie me prenais en photo...

les beaux au fond!! ;-)

Now I have to study... so... a bientot!

ps: tonight, I think is going to be an amazing night (sunset, sushi, Cala Comta! yuhuuuuuu).

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


When the night gets blurry...


Sunday lunch




Rob working hard

petit clin d'oeil a ma vie!

ca aussi!

Monday, June 10, 2013

How to start...

... the perfect day off!

My only day off, as you know, is Sunday.
But for me, the fun started saturday afternoon with Seb, Dario, Joan and Frank, in the amazing dive site of Esponja!
Amazing visibility, beautiful people, just an incredible way to "start" the week end!

Look how clear is the water!!

Then, sunday morning, beach day!
Sun baking, swimming, more sun baking...
Then lunch on the terrace and the guys went for siesta (look the post from yesterday).

Then around 9pm, we got our best clothes on (even hight hills, for the 2 time this week... yes, my feet are killing me, no, I will never get use to it!), and we went to the Gallery B12.
Lots of fun, very cool expo.
We passed from Hippy state, half naked on the beach, to very posh, drinking lots of champagne!!

diving everywhere!

I want one of those