Friday, May 3, 2013

Ibiza, loving it!

So, what’s new in my little World…
Actually Ibiza is treating me very well, no complain!

The dive centre i sopen, and little by little we are sorting things out, like for example, the 2 big holes on my roof!!
In Spain, everything is manana, manana… and for me, everything is yeaterday, yesterday… so is actually a little stressing… but you have to smile about it!

Even if everyone is very busy, they stop working at 11 am for coffee (and Wisky and wine, you have tol ove construction men…), then at 2pm everyone desapear until 5pm anda t 5:30 is time to go home, because the day was super long: WHAT?????
Anyway, Spanish life, Ibiza life!

Rob is here!!!! yuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, this man doesn't change and I love it!! very funny!!!

I have a new toy called: Nespresso machina!
It’s wonderfull, you press a botton and you get the best coffee ever!! Mmmmmmmmmm, I can go through the  day with a smile in my FACE!
Coffee diving and yoga: perfect combination!

At Bernard everything is amazing.
The other night we had dinner with people that were in the island from 1968!! Amazing!! Real hippies! Real hippies, but we were all drinking champagne! Hahahaha

Luciano is teaching me to play the drums, I’m sure I’m rubbich but is fun to put my mind in something else than diving, dive centre, yoga and blablabla….

Here some pictures….

Hope you are all good happy and smily!
Peace, love and sunshine

qu'est ce que tu me racontes?? hahahaha

Rock and roll

and Mayday bitting the base!

Walking walking, fighting gravity: ars up!!!