Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ibiza life...

... so days are passing by... very busy, so it's all good!
Love my new apartment and like always love my job... even if sometimes I really feel useless... like with the computer stuff... grrrrrrrr, I just don't like it!
Put me in the Nature and I can survive, put me in an office with cables and computers and I will last 2 days...

Ibiza still the island where everything can happen.
On Saturday night we all went out for one glass of wine (it was boys night out... but apparently, I allowed), and we ended up... in PACHA until 5 oclock in the morning!
Great night, lots of fun... and a little bit of a headache the next day... just a small one...

Sunday we went to the beach, first to Benirras, but because of the dog we were kicked out (so they kick us out, and is full of junkies everywhere... really??? the police in Spain have they priorities mixed up!), but at the end it was great because we went to Portinax to chill out on the rocks and Mayday was feeling "sexy and free", so free that he went crazy running after a Cormorant and the poor bird decided that he didn't want to run away and started attacking Mayday! Hilarious!!!
Just another day in the sun!

We were so tired anyway on sunday night, and monday... and I think the boys still a little tired now ;-)

But sun is shinning and the sea it's amazing and even if today I'm not feeling it, I just put some pics from sunday, and that gives me a good feeling!

I hope everybody is good and having a good one!

Love, always...

just me

We didn't know yet... but it was going to be a long night!

Benirras Atmosphere

Before been kicked out by the GREENS!!

Very small tired eyes ISABELLE!!

The cormorant is underwater, so so funny!!

I nearly forgot about our staff pictures, we took them on Friday afternoon, in the middle of the street, people were looking at us a little bit funny, but it was hilarious!!! A very surrealistic team!!! love it!!!