Friday, April 5, 2013


I'm totally OCD, and I think because of that... my dog is becoming totally OCD.
From the beginning I knew my dog was dyslexic (he doesn't know if he is a dog or a cat, that's the first sign), but lately he is acting so weird.

I think everyone is a little bit OCD anyway, why do I think I'm OCD:
- I always wear 2 different socks
- Every time I see the moon I say the same sentence in my head
- Even if I do a buddy check before jumping in the water, I breath again twice from each regulator
- I don't like food on top of each other, that's why I hate pizza...
- I don't mix fish and meat in the same meal
- I need to sleep on the same side that a door or a window... just in case I need to run away in the middle of the night...
- I never start writing on the first page of a note book, I believe the story never start on the first page, there is always a beginning of the beginning...
 and actually, the list go on and on...

So why do I think my dog is OCD:
- he is obsessed with sticks... really. He picks up the bigger one and carry it for 5 km home
- as soon as he sees the cat, he put all the cat's head in his mouth
- He eats, so shit too, towels
- He doesn't allowed anyone to come close to me...
- He loves gardening, to such an ex tense that is really no funny anymore (flower pots everywhere, unroots trees, hoses, etc, etc...)

Anyway, I sure you are reading this and thinking in all the little things that make you OCD too!
One day I have to make a little list of all the little things that make my friends so unique and fantastic!!
Like the fact that Rebecca has to toc the top of her cans 3 times before opening it, or Phil, my Doudou, that always use the same tea mug, or my Dad, he can't go to bed if he doesn't go out first to make sure that all the stars are in the sky, and Bernard, you are an artist, so I'm sure you have something too!!! etc etc... I love it!!!