Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy 2013

That’s it, 2012 is nearly over (it will be over for me before you guys).
This year, I wont put my life on a scale, to see if I had a good or a bad year. The year went and I still here! So overall, pretty good!

I discovered that to look for happiness it’s pretty meaningless and tirering, because happiness it’s all around us. The smallest look, smile, flower, sun rise, sun set, fool moon, good food, amazing company, a glass of good wine, bad wine, etc… can make you happy, because is your moment. So YOU make the best out of it, and you let go to all this things that hunt your mind and are negatives, painful, make you feel bad, make you sad…

So for all this people that I strongly love, respect, miss, need in my life (because without them, my life wouldn’t be so wonderful), I wish you a fantastic 2013. I wish you guys to have time to embrace happiness, love, beauty and good moments.
I wish that all the risks you take this year make your journey through this Earth more amazing that it already is.
I wish you to don’t ever be scared, and if you are, to remember that there is always a hand to hold, always a heart to rest on, always a shoulder to cry.

From here, I just wish that in 2013, we get together many times (preferably around a GOOD bottle of wine… if I have the choice), Lots of love Isa

Stepping in 2013!!!

and sinking in happiness... ;-)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Full moon!!!

Nature is so incredibly incredible! (like that?)
From the hill we saw yesterday night the moon coming up, and up and up...
So big and beautiful!
We had it all the way.
And when we woke up this morning, she was shinning on the terrace... just to take a few minutes to look at it... fill you up with a special energy.
Just a few minutes to see that beauty is everywhere, just change the way you see your day.
The most amazing thing as well, is while I was looking at the moon this morning, with the sun rising on the other side, you guys were looking at the same moon, saying good night to the world! The same moon!!

Wishing you all a good night and me a good day! ;-)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Xmas!!!!!

I wish you all a Merry Xmas!!

Guess what?
I had an amazing day yesterday on Kontiki's boat, with amazing dives, then a fantastic Swedish diner: God Jul!!!

But guess what too: Miss you all!!!

Love you!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

We wish you a merry xmas
we wish you a merry xmas
we wish you a merry xmaaaaaassss
and a happy New Year!!!!

I send you all my love, I hope you will have good wine and good champagne and hugs and kisses from your loved ones.
I'm not there but I send you hugs and kisses and I love you a lot.
Tomorrow while you are getting drunk I will be underwater... I guess for me is one of the place to be in xmas day!

Have fun, enjoy, think of me, because I will be thinking of you all!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

play when you play...

I finally managed to upload some pics....

A lemon juice on the beach...


The most

amazing sunset...
Thank you Nature!

During the IDC on PhiPhi... sorry again Rich for stealing all your pictures ;-)

Every minute I spend on the computer, I ask myself this question, and I guess the answer is yes...

Work when you work...

Play when you play…

And me, I love to go out and play!

Even if my  work is work, but as well, I love it so much, that I really don’t mind to wake up in the morning and work.

Yesterday I had the most beautiful day,  thank you Kontiki, to pay me to play 
We went for 3 amazing dives, nice, long, relaxing dives… I saw mi dear mini, mini, tiny nudis (really, is because of the 33% closer and bigger… otherwaise… no way I saw them), and just clear water, good divers, nice atmosphere on the boat… just loved it!

Today I did my final assessment for my theory… 100%... but really I was expecting something really hard… and it was so easy that I thought it was a joke… a little disappointed really!

I will put some pics of my play time... but internet, uploading and go pro pictures are not good friends today...

I have not forget that is nearly xmas in Europe, but I’m waiting a couples of days more, to wish you all a merry xmas!


Monday, December 17, 2012

hahaha, lol or 555

Ok, i explain my title (I'm actually listening to a Webminar of Padi on line, so I'm actually working/studying).

So in Thailand HA is 5, yes, the number 5.

So yesterday Rhi explained to me that instead of writing in a message hahaha or LOL the Thais write: 555.

Maybe is because my brain is reaching his maximum (thank god i have a big head) or because I'm just an idiot, but I just find it real funny!

And now, driving along on my motorbike (my pink stylish motorbike) I have actually noticed that there is a few places called 555!

So if one day I send you a text message with three fives... is because I'm laughing very hard!! 555555555.....

If I'm back on internet tomorrow I will tell you the story of the Swedish/Beverly Hills runners that there is every morning on the side of the road!!! Is as well a funny story!

There is actually so many Swedish people here, all looking very "same same" that with my brown eyes and brown hair, I look pretty exotic!!! :-)

Lots of love and kisses

Have an amazing day, where ever you are in the world!

and today...

... again drinking far too much coffee!!

mmmmmmm coffeeeeeeeeee.....

Sunday, December 16, 2012


first puncher!! amazing garage!!

Waiting for the wheel to be fixed, with a new friend... full of fleas, and loving the GO PRO!

And today, studying... it's going to be a long day, so I have been on internet from 8h30, is now 11h... come on Isa, you can do it!!!
(very bored face!)

I guess...

... no news... good news... but in my case, is no news, no internet!!!

The time that I spend on internet, is time to do my online stuff, I have pain on my ars to be sitting around, but soon over!! yuhuuuu!!!
I can't wait to be back in the water... hopefully tomorrow.... has not been long, but for me, too long.

Xmas is arriving, I don't really feel like xmas this year, I guess in the side of the world xmas don't come into your skin so much.

Miss family, friends, dog, cat and I miss Ibiza, it's crazy how Ibiza is intoxicating!
I try to don't get attached to the poppy that comes every day to stay on our terrace, she is soooo cute, but is a NO NO!! no more dogs or cats or penguins!! I'm not allowed to adopt anything!!

Hopefully I will finish everything that I have to finish by the end of February...
At back to Spain.
We will see...
Things to do still...

I hope you guys are good, and exited about xmas.
Drink plenty of wine and champagne for me!!!



Just me...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


a day off with Karl!! Life is good!

But honestly family and goats, WE MISS YOU!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Come on guys!!

You are going to be amazing!!

Tonight my last night on Phiphi and tomorrow the guys are going to Phuket, and me, travelling back to my Island!

IE starting in the afternoon... bless them, today they were so tired and stressed!!

Me, I'm sure they are going to be more than fine!

So tonight packing (for the moment I have the fan in force 3 to try to dry my dive gear that is hanging from everywhere!!) and I'm going to do a little bit of work, because probably my internet access will be very limited from now on, first because I'm going to be underwater most of the day, second because we do not have internet at home! so I will have to write on the blog, and then make longer posts....

Some pics more:

Bye bye PhiPhi

I hope you are all good and not too cold!

Peace and Love

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2 days left...

... for the IDC to finish and to be back on my island!

I came across with this today, and I love Pablo Neruda, and I think this is very true:

So things start to get real now, candidates a little tired (me too actually, but I'm enjoying it, the problem is not the course, it's the crazy people shouting underneath my bedroom at 2 am!!).
But soon I will be on the hill!! calm and quiet... maybe I'm getting old, or maybe I just like to go to party, but not to be awake because of it, when I actually need to sleep!!

Here are some pics as well that I stole from facebook (can you go to jail to do that??)

Break time finish, I'm going to study and to write some stuff and hopefully sleep a little earlier (please at least 5 hours!!!) because tomorrow is the last day of Open Water presentation and the 800m swim, that I will do with the candidates!!! moral support!!!!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

They are so good!

I could just put them all, one after each other. I just love them everyday... because basically I listen to one of their song everyday....

So I'm going back to study now, it was just a small break... very small... and back to Physics, yuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

second week!

Come on!!

So this is my life

I have to present my theory exams  for my application... shit... hahahaha!
If I do it, is to have 100% otherwise... why to it?
So here I find myself like any other IDC candidate making sure that my marks are nice and high... hahahahaha

So, that's it!
At least I have Angus and Julia putting the rhythm and the fan blowing in my neck because it's so warm!!! but really, really warm.... so warm that I think I'm going to go and buy a very very cold drink!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Nearly forgot...

This is for my niece: Love you Ines, yeah man!!!


Day off today!!
And I actually really needed it!

First I woke up at 9h30! For the ones that know me, know as well that I don't sleep so much, but I have been here for a week and there is a lot of noise until 2 am, so I start sleeping 5 hours before I have to wake up... and at 7 am, it's hard to open the eyes, when you have been writing business plans until 2 in the morning, or writing stories on a blog or etc, etc...

Anyway, woke up at 9h30, and put on some shorts and a T-shirt and went to treat myself with a real coffee, mmmmmmmm, coffeeeeeeeee....
After the coffee I went on an excursion, I went with the idea to be back at 12 but I came back at 2h30 pm! I didn't even know that you could walk so much on the island.
So I went all the way up to the highest point of the island, "View point" of course, so I went to view point two, and when I was coming back a girl from Chile ask me to take a picture of her, so I did and we started chating, so she ask me if I wanted to go along with her to view point 2 (just where I was) and then to a beach down somewhere. So I said, why not...
She was very nice, but a little of a slow walker, and I'm a fast walker (I think she was dying and hating me at the same time...bless), so we went up to the view point and then realised that through the jungle it was a view point 3 and then we found the way down to the beach.
The way down was interesting in the jungle: NICE!
The poor girl was not having such a good time, but me I was loving it.
When we arrived to the beach, for me it was not so wauuuuu, but ok, I didn't really want to go up the massive hill with the girl dying so I ask the price for a long tail, 200 bath!!! What??? I'm going walking! so the girl came along, and I think that buy the time I was up, she was still very far down...  I was feeling a little bad... but I felt worst when she asked me how old I was, and I said 32, and I asked her, and she said 25, but I heard 35, so I said, "you don't look like" and she looks at me and say, "35 no, 25" and I said "then you are fucked", she smiled, but maybe inside she was hating me!

Anyway, she was very nice.
I had actually a very nice morning.
So came back at 2h30 and went under the shower with all my clothes, I think I sweat all the water of my body!!

Then I just came back from a N-ICE coffee with Imma, and now is time for me to study, and do some work until 2 in the morning :-)

BTW, Happy birthday to Bernard!!! hope to see you very soon!!

The way up, man, after that I'm going to have a gorgeous ars!!!

View point 3

Way down in the juggle

to the end of the world and back

Coming back to civilisation
Number of mosquito bites: 1000