Friday, November 30, 2012


... I don't really want to watch a movie, or read, or walk in the streets... I'm selecting the best of this summer...
But I don't know why my pictures are such a mess!!!

And more....

I'm a Facebook thief!!

           Just stole this from Andrey, the IDC candidate from Russia


First week...

... of the IDC is finished. Tomorrow we have a day off (I mean the guys have to study, but actually me too!).

First thing in the morning, I'm going to get dress, and go to a coffee shop to have a real nice coffee!! I'm sick of the Ice nescafe in the mornings, I love them, bur during the day, not as soon as I wake up really...

Then I'm going to explore, I'm going to go everywhere around the island, and see as much as I can!!!

So it's a quiet day off, but a day off anyway!
Maybe in the afternoon I ask if I can go to fun dive with my GO PRO and my new housing to take some pics.
We went to do OW presentations today, so we got to dive on the second dive... that was nice!
We saw dolphins in the surface as well so that was real nice... not underwater...

I have spent the afternoon chilling out, doing my laundry and chating with my sis!

Not lots of news, but some... maybe tomorrow some pics!!!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

My life is bizarre....

My life is bizarre, but is the way I like it.
I woke up this morning, came down the stairs of my guest house, and my flip flop were not there. I checked, looked again and again (I have to say that the other day I misses the door of my guest house and thought that they closed it with all my stuff inside… but it was just the wrong door), but no, my nice green flip flops were no there.
I have 3 pairs of flip flops, some girls I shoes and bags, me I love bikinis and flip flops. 3 pairs of flip flops at home, here I just brought my favourites, the confi ones, my green ones… As well with the colour they have, they are difficult to miss, even if there is 15 pairs of flip flops in front of the door!!
So I walked to the dive centre barefoot, not a major probem for me, but there is some areas of this islands that are pretty disgusting and I didn’t really want to buy another pair.
So sat on the IDC all morning and by lunch time went home to work a little on my business plan (I have a very exciting life lately!). And guess what?? My flip flops were there!! Hahahahaha, it was probably somebody from the staff that took them to go somewhere… and put them back… I love Buddhists really… No stealing!!! Good girls!! The only think is that they must have been massive for the girl that took them, because the girls here have tiny feet!!!

The second strange think today… that’s actually weird…
I was having a quick coffee with Imma, and chating and laughing about the presentations today, when suddenly a girl come and stand in front of me. She looks at me, and she is so, so familiar.
“Do you know who I am, we went to school together”
Fuck, of course!! She was in my last year at school.
And she said “I saw you laughing and I recognize you straight away!”.
We start chating, and It was very nice because she said “I have been thinking a lot about you, because I left my job and decided to become a Dive Master, and I remember at school you were all the time going on and on about diving, about becoming a dive instructor etc etc…”.

I was weird but nice. Sometimes I don’t remember if diving for me has always been a long time passion, or it happened later… but no, it has always been a long time passion, so I’m so glad that today I feel like I started diving yesterday!!

It's a pic of this summer, but I love it!

So yes, my life sometimes (many times) it’s bizarre, but bizarre it’s a good reminder, about how cool things are when they happen out of the box!!!  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

with Imma

Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! very nice faces!!!


... Is a Buddhist  festival.
Rich told me the name... but is o way I will remember, something Thai!
It's actually very nice because everyones is making beautiful flowers decorations and putting them in the sea... for good luck...

Because it's for good luck... and you never know... after a long day at the IDC, Imma  and I went to the beach for 5 minutes before going back to work...

Imma is the Spanish student at the IDC and she is a sunshine!

Anyway, here are some pics... sorry to be so brief, but I'm back into my business plan!!! Yuhuuuuuuu.... arrrrrggggggg..... hahahahaha....

And this is for my niece..... a special treat from Thailand!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

about time...

... I had some nice Thai food!!
Even if is only ones at day because I'm so bloody stressed with the application and the IDC!!! Oh la la...

Monday, November 26, 2012

On the IDC...

.... been a student...
.... been an instructor...
.... been a DM...
.... been a pain...


Saturday, November 24, 2012


Where to start, where to start….

First, the question of the hour: yes, it was horribly hard to say good bye to the boys and yes dad, to the family as well, but I know that you are all in good care and good hands! (but I miss you all anyway).

So left cold England (actually, very cold England) and arrived to very warm Thailand.
The flight was great, took my drugs, woke up an hour before landing! Lucky me! I have such an amazing conversation when I fly… the total silence…

(This picture is soooo nerdy!!! Goodbye UK!! hahahahaha)

 Who is the one in drugs then??

One night in BKK  (where of course I didn’t sleep at all, but I read my book: “Fifty Shades of Grey” and finally at chapter 7, sex has started! I was nearly going to ask my sister if she was joking about the “porno” book or not!) and down to the islands.
The trip was good, and arriving here is like arriving home.

Not a lot have change really, same same, but different! (prices are a little up… but what can you do, some call it progress, me I call it shit!).
The first day, the house was sorted (we have a little house on the hills, lovely, and with a kitchen… Karl is happy… me, I will be avoiding it, except for coffee in the mornings!), and … I worked the next day!!! Yuhuuuu! 3 amazing 60 minutes dive with such great divers… and guess what: the water is at 30 degrees… loving it!

Now I’m on an IDC for about 2 weeks, it started yesterday, so will see... The candidates are very nice, a girl from Spain, a girl from Sweden and a guy from Russia (that remind me a lot a lot of our friend Roman, ok, ok, maybe is a little bit of a cliché, but it’s so true!).
Karl was starting to work today as a photographer, so basically all good this side of the world!!

Hope everybody is good, miss you.
Thank you as well for taking care of us and the hairy boys back in Europe!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


What my IDC student send me....
I wander why?????


Hahahahahahaha, merci Bernard!!!! ;-)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Brrrrrr it’s cold in England!

Yes it is!!!

So I left Madrid yesterday very very early morning and arrived to London, early as well, and Phil and Karl came to pick me up!
Oh my god it’s cold in England, so cold, cold and wet.
My sister told me in Munich “Only poor people or stupid people get cold” and what about people traveling to a warm country through the UK that don’t want to pay extra baggage allowance and didn’t take enough jumpers????
Ohhhhh it’s 8 degres at 1h00pm and wet!!!
Anyway, like always is so good to be in London at the Goat Massion!
I love them and I love the place, the house, the atmosphere…. Everything!
Even if the weather is crap, I love to walk along the river (fuck, it’s the Thames, and I’m walking next to it and I saw a FOX!!!) and there is nothing more relaxing than having a glass of wine with the goats…
There is something about this place, that makes you feel good, and I’m not only talking about the toilet paper, there is only one house in the world where they actually buy Karite butter toilet paper! Do you know how soft is that in/on your bum! It’s amazing….
As well, there is an amazing pschit pschit, for the next one that goes to the bathroom after you had enjoy the Karite butter toilet paper that is summer tropical breeze…. Lovely, suddenly you are on a sandy, warm lovely beach! No need to go anywhere.
There is the Thames for diving, the bathroom for the tropical breeze and the bar downstairs for the party side!!! What else do you need???
Hahahahahahahaha, I know, 40 degres and 30 degres underwater!!! But this is for very very soon!!

Now we are in Wales, cold and grey, but lovely to see everyone too.
Oh my god Kieran has grow up!!! And the little ones too!! It’s great because Kieran is going to take care of the dog and the cat during the winter (even if I think that Kate, Ron and Anna a lot too).
I think is going to be difficult to leave them.
This morning actually when we went to pick them up, they were so happy and excited to see us… that I felt a little sad to think that in Sunday I will be leaving them again…. But I know they will be fine, we are in a farm!!! Lots of land, horses, another dog and all the sisters of Karl around to give them love!! Fantastic holidays in the country side.

Chilling out next to the chimney, eating nice warm soup and freezing my ars every time I go outside to smoke a cigarette!
But is a good moment to start thinking about all the stuff I have to prepare for the winter!

Anyway, lots of frosty kisses
Just me….

Monday, November 12, 2012

just a few pictures....

A heart in my coffee.... I wish I had that every morning!! ;-)

 German humour... I guess... because this is a cake shop!!!

In the sport shop, in a room at minus 20 degres.... mmmmm not for me!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


... Today was a very very nice day.
Weather was great and not freezing so for the first time, I can actually breath in Germany!

My niece came to wake me up, early (eaaarrrrlyyyy) morning. You have to understand that she has 6 elephants sleeping in her bedroom, that every night we have to make sure that they are all out (even from underneath the bed), but of course, in the morning they get very hungry and they wake her up, with the penguins (maybe 6 of them as well, depending of where we are).
She remind me of the little girl in "Chocolat" with her Kangaroo, Pantoufle.

Anyway we had coffee, a few of them, and then got ready and left to an amazing lake outside of Munich.
It was gorgeous.
You could see the Alpes and all the trees were orange yellow, red... autumn  it's beautiful.

So we run, played, fed the ducks etc, etc... and all the penguins were with us... amazing!!

Then, we went into town all the rest of the afternoon. It was very very busy but actually very nice to be walking in the city (it's busy, but so very organise).

Then we came back home after been in the most amazing outdoors sports shop I have ever seen in my life! There is a mini lake in the middle to try floating devices, there is a room at minus 20 degres to try the mountain gear, there is another room where it's pissing with "rain" to try the waterproof gear and the best of all things: climbing walls!!! so we took out our shoes and start climbing inside the shop!! pretty cool!!! and really fun.

I think my niece is amazing, and it's great to see how naive we were ones and how incredible the imagination is. I love imagination! takes you... anywhere...
(with penguins and elephants that I had to kick out of the bedroom again tonight and them ask them to keep quiet in the corridor of the flat, way to noisy this elephants!!!).