Monday, July 30, 2012

salty flavour...

... in my mouth and on my face...
Without any doubt my favourite flavour, my favourite smell... sea salt and sun on the skin....
I had a crazy day today, running from the sea to the office, from the office to the sea, accounts, bookings, telephone calls... and of course, 3 amazing dives with amazing Open Water students!

I´m tired, but I rushed out of my wet suit, to finish the accounts of the day, and fix the day of tomorrow... and i´m here, 5 minutes before going home, thinking about my day.
I just passed my tongue on my lips, and I love this flavour... and I feel good now.... crazy day but a good day.

Now, a coffee and a cigarette and that´s it....

salty flavour, my favourite...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Taking the time...

Yesterday I was super tired, and super relaxed!
Virginie balanced my energy with a super massage, and my yan energy was down and my yin energy was up... I was nice and quiet! (i´m sure lot of people loved it! hahahaha).
In the afternoon I didn´t even want to go to yoga, actually I made a try to go at lunch time, but I was so out that I checked the time table wrong and I went at 2h30pm, but that´s the class of tuesday!!!!
So came back to the dive centre and didn´t want to go anymore... I just wanted to take the time, enjoy my time.

The sky was grey and cloudy yesterday and the sea so wavy... I love when the sea show that she has passion!

Went for a walk, and it started rainning so hard.... taking the time to walk under the summer rain: how great is that!
Allowed the rain to clean your mind, to clean your heart to clean your spirit...

After watching Avatar for the 10th time (I love this movie), We went for the evening walk. The land was smelling nice and fresh, earthy...
The moon was behind the clouds, giving a very special light to the night.
The moon has this special power to bring people together...
I guess is because we are water and the moon moves water...
Every time I look at the moon I know there is somebody I love looking at the moon too, close or far from me... but is such an amazing feeling!

When I was in St Marteen we had the pleasure to see Venus Jupiter and the Moon aligned, so I took my phone and call my dad, and guess what? He was in the garden in Madrid, looking at them and thinking about calling me to don´t miss it!!!

How great is that!!

Anyway, just don´t forget to TAKE THE TIME, because really it makes you feel good!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

and life goes on....

There is days like today when I realise slowly that life just goes on...
There is always a before and an after, but in between.... life goes on.
There is calm days, stressful days, happy days and you realise they were happy, because you have as well sad days.

Today I took Virginie underwater. She is an old friend, and I´m very fond on her. She is an amazing woman.
She told me something very special today.
She said that I was the person in between, the one that show a new world to somebody from this world... like a spirit guide, or a ferry man... I don´t know how to put in english her words... but it´s nice.
In a way, today, I changed a little bit her life.
I took her underwater, and all her fears desapered, she felt confortable, happy and her eyes were so full of life... and me, I was just smiling....

That´s how water makes me feel every day.
The predive, the dive and the post dive... everything as a total!

I always wanted to change lives, to make them better, writing a book, taking a pictures, making people react, feel something different... for a long time, I thought I fell... but I think I haven´t.
I can change something in people, I can make them have feelings that they have never have before.

And I realised, that´s what my life is about.
I´m thinking about this DALI painting.
There is a kid holding a corner of the sea and pulling the sea up, and underneath you can see a dog sleeping peacefully, in a way, I´m the kid pulling this corner of the sea to allowed people to have a look...

I love it....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Randomness.... I love it!

about the car breaking down....

So, during the time Rebecca was here we had little adventures here and there but actually one was hysterical.

We were going to dinner with all the guys, Damian, was taking us all out for dinner to a secret place (BTW, the best place ever, with the most amazing grilled fish ever).
So we dropped Mica at home, with the plan that we will meet her later, and went home.
We have been saying for a few days that the breaks of the car were a little OFF.
It´s an old car, with a lot of caracter, and a little bit of a death trap.

Anyway, we arrived to our village, and just when we were going to pull into the parking we hear a big BOOM!!
I look at Rebecca and say:
Rebecca quick, I think we lost a wheel!
So Rebecca run out of the car to confirm that the 4 wheels are there, we started laughting (i don´t know if you spell this word like that, but anyway, that´s nothing to do with the story).
So Rebecca look at me and say:
But look there is a piece of something on the floor...
so she goes and grab it and burn her hand... WTF!!!
Anyway, by this point we are blocking the entrance of the parking, I can´t stop smiling, but I feel bad as well because Rebecca burned her hand.
So I say to Rebecca
I´m going to move the car and try to park.
By the time I put myself ready in position to drive I realised that THERE IS NO BREAKS AT ALL and nearly crash in the car just in front of me!!!!

Hystherical (have you notice that every time I write this word the spelling is different?), so manage to stop the car without crashing, Rebecca is on pain, and me I´m hot and laughting...

So I take the phone and call Karl (he is an engineer, he knows about things breaking down) and I say to him:
A piece of the car fell off in the middle of the road!!!

Karl start laughting too and come over to meet us at the car.
At this point I´m trying to reorganise the pick ups for the evening, the timings of the diner, and the big truck to pic up the pieces of car!

Rebecca has blisters,and she is asking all the time if they will stay on her hand until the wedding and I feel so gilty!!!

Anyway, was an adventure!
At the end we went for this amazing diner on the Rocks, in an illigal, delicious little restaurant, and had lots of wine and amazing grilled fish and rebecca make us this incredible impression about her first HOT YOGA class! hilarious!!!!

Friends, good food and good wine.... anything else you need??

Thursday, July 12, 2012


So that is that...

Very busy, like always, working, working and enjoying as much time as I can with Rebecca!
So she arrived on the 3th of July, went to the airport to pick her up with my lovely Mica.
As soon as we arrived to the airport we parked next to this car:

Very PACHA style car.

I was soooo exciting to pick up Rebecca!
3 years without seen her, has been too long!! No more!!

So we have been hanging around at the dive centre, making Rebecca work hard (thanks babe for all your help).

We went for an amazing excursion to Atlantis and Es Vedra, one of my favourite place in the island, Karl and Mayday came over too. Mayday was jumping around like a little goat every where, and on the way up he was soooo tired (actually after sweating 2 paquets of cigarettes, I was tired too).

Then we had a night out.
Everybody was there and I was a little baby sitting really, is the fun of not been in drugs I guess... right....

And finally yesterday evening we went for a shopping girly night!
Rebecca bought me a bikini and a half (with very sexy bottoms, with my ars all out!!) you have to love IBIZA!!

Having a great time and so happy our friend is here!

Thank you Rebecca for crossing the Atlantic to come and see us!!

Love you!

Friday, July 6, 2012

About football...

.... from my sister....

for your information, SISTER,
not loving football is the most stupid thing a woman can do!!!!
You get to watch 22 young , mostly good looking, well built millionaires running around in shorts behind a ball for one and a half hours
siiiiiiister!!!!!!!! I don't understand you!
and then she sent me a video from you tube (see below), That´s why I love my sister, because she is anything BUT a serious person!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Jack in a sugar rush!

I knew my little pets were different... but not sooooo different.
A dog and a cat BFF... that is for starters
A cat that stop when you say no, come when you call his name, eats dog food, clean the dog´s ears and feet etc etc...

But on Saturday that was the best one.

I love jam.
Any Jam (my favourite Marmelade) but in Spain Marmelade is not so good, so I get my second favourite: blackberry jam.

So I´m eating my jam, from the pot, and the cat is there, anoying me, pushing me with his feet, trying to put his head in the jam pot, so ok, you want jam, so you are going to get jam.
I take a spoon full of jam and put it in front of his face, thinking, he doesn´t going to like that, so is going to leave me alone... but NO.
He start leaking the spoon like mad, like it was a tuna box or something, and suddently, all the jam is gone... and suddently, a few minutes later, JACK LOST HIS MIND!
Start to run crazy, jump on us, attaking anything that make a small little movement (so nearly everything).
He start hidding behind the pillows, with his ears down and his eyes wide open, and jumping on all of us, even Mayday (he was freaking out).

It was sooooo funny, my cat was actually on a sugar rush!!!

Hours of fun....

Lots of love


ps: Is not that I give a dam.... but Spain is CHAMPION!!! hahahahahaha
ps2: I just wrote for my sister Cecile that text me at every goal thinking that I was actually interested
ps3: I went actually to see the match, but just because I wanted to hang out with the guys
ps4:my back was facing the screan
ps5: love you sister, but i really don´t like football, sorry
ps6: bueno vale.... menos Iker Casillas! hahahahaha