Sunday, March 25, 2012


We should all do something about it!!!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh Wauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Such an amazing way to look at the moon... with new eyes...

I knew it!

Arnd just came over to the shop with the pictures he took today!

So that's my last day at work in St Martin!

Thank you Arnd!!!

What's new....

... in Isa's universe...

Where to start? I have been out for a little while, just posting crazy pictures and nothing else... I was busy... very busy...

My sister came with my ADORABLE niece, she is so funky and we have such a strange connection, I think is because she loves everything that is not right... things that are not conventional, like Mayday for example,  or the ugly toy, or her lost crazy and emotional terrorist aunty Isa, that sometimes shows that she has a heart... and then it gets broken!! NICE!!!

So before carrying on, a couple of pics...

During the time they were here were here, they invited us to St Barth... wuauuuu, such a beautiful island, clean, nice, amazing boats, just amazing.
Because the island is posh, we decided to be very glamour to go to St Barth, so I put on my best shorts and a very nice T-shirt that's says: "C'est la vie" (that's life).
We took the ferry in the morning and the sea was bad, real bad...
My sister gets sea sick so she was very concentrate in herself and telling me all the time: "if something happen, I trust you, you save the baby!" shit, no pressure then!! I was looking around to make sure that it was a easy way to jump in the sea with my niece and keep her alive!!!
Suddenly, my niece look at me, take out her dummy of her mouth and vomit all over me!!! My T-shirt, shorts, hair... nice! Bless her, she was yellow!!!
I can tell you that it was very nice to jump in the sea in St Barth and take out the smell of camember of my hair!
We manage to make a T-shirt for me out of a scarf... and all the glamour went away... I guess that's my destiny, to really don't be glamourous ever!!

So they left about two weeks ago, it was weird, the house was so empty... I love busy houses even if sometimes I loose it... I still love it. I guess I have spend enough summers with my cousins in Denia!!! 10 people in a small house...  so much fun!!

What more, ah yep, the other day I dived with a dolphin for 10 minutes, it was AMAZING!! what a good way to say good bye to St Martin!
Ah yes, right, I didn't tell you that either...

Flying to Madrid on the 27...
After 5 month in St Martin, 360 dives, I'm packing again to spend the summer in Spain!!

Yes, Nick, (my friend, ex boss, new boss...) offer me a manager position for two of his 5 diving centres in Ibiza, so I will be there until November for sure.
Enjoying the Island of the light!!
No a bad place to be really, I know the water is going to be cold at the beginning, but I know as well that I love this Island, and I realised last time I went, how incredible it is there.
You have everything you need: the sea is beautiful, the beaches, the food is amazing, there is amazing markets, incredible people, party or not... anything...
So that's where I'm going to be!

I'm actually excited in a way!!
I'm happy to move from here.
This island is not me. Isa's universe don't fit here...
There is no energy, there is no the beauty I like, there is too many rules, to many papers, to much wanted to be... I don't like that!
At least Ibiza... I know already.
I have friends, and I'm close to my friends to come and visit!!!

I'm sure I have more things....

Ah yes, my sister make me discover this song and I decided I love it, because we all have one... or more than one... (sorry for the people that don't speak french, is just an inside joke with my sister)

And I think that's it for now... but I have a long afternoon ahead... with youtube! so never know!!

Lots of love for all of you!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

No news yet...

...but things I like!

 The Fayos barefoot on the beach!!!

I'm going to build castles in the sky, so I will tell you everything about that soon... and the great thing is that I don't need permission!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Comme ça c'est fait!


Thank you again St Martin...

... For this beautiful view...

Merci Cecile, bonne chance a Sharm!!!

We think that living is always in the present and that dying is something that awaits us at a distant time. But we have never questioned whether this battle of everyday life is living at all. We want to know the truth about reincarnation, we want proof of the survival of the soul, we listen to the assertion of clairvoyants and to the conclusions of psychical research, but we never ask, never, how to live--to live with delight, with enchantment, with beauty every day. We have accepted life as it is with all its agony and despair and have got used to it, and think of death as something to be carefully avoided. But death is extraordinarily like life when we know how to live. You cannot live without dying. You cannot live if you do not die psychologically every minute. This is not an intellectual paradox. To live completely, wholly, every day as if it were a new loveliness, there must be dying to everything of yesterday, otherwise you live mechanically, and a mechanical mind can never know what love is or what freedom is.
-- Krishnamurti, Freedom From The Known, p. 76-77


... my song...