Saturday, January 28, 2012

Un pulpo!!!

un pulpito que palpita como una patata frita!!
Besos Ceci!!

Down with facing dog!

From the letter that Elsa sent me:

From Beckett: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better”

Little things...

Just had a couple from South Africa in the shop...
Just the accent made me smile and miss the goats so much!!!

My little London Goats!!

Just wanted to send you lots of love!

My song!

This is for my niece!!!!

Is winter here as well

Long time...

But I have been freezing underwater! hahaha
Is winter here too! water went down to 25 degrees (thank you Scubapro for the new wet suit) and we have been really busy.
Wind is blowing like mad, so Isa is not in the moon: Isa is in the wind!
Wind is good, take away everything!!

The little family is good, keep growing and been... NOT very clever. But I guess you can not have everything: be cute and clever, that will be too much!

Still teaching Yoga to 2 students so I'm happy.
I have like a little studio at home and is nice and cosy.

What more can I say.
Not a lot, so sorry.
Today I have one of this days when I'm just out!

I think a coffee right now will save my life!

I'm counting the days for my sister and niece to come over: I can't wait!

Had a couple more answers for the RISK.
Is interesting that many of you think that you life don't have enough risks? why is that?
To wake up in the morning and live is already a risk!
To don't watch you life pass by and get involve is a risk!
To smile to a stranger, to hold a hand, to cry is a risk!
To take left instead of right is a risk!
To love like you have never been hurt before is a risk!
To cook, definitively a risk!
To believe or don't believe is a risk!
To listen, to talk is a big risk!

I had an amazing letter from Elsa, a friend from school, loved every word.

Then had a few more answers:

Hmmmmm, the last big risk I took was to leave everything behind in england and move to the south of france, all in the name of luuuurve, it has been hard learning a new language and i am still not sure about some of the food, but it was definately worth it!!

I think that a risk we take is more as an opportunity to get to know more about our insight. Through any experiences there is a potential to learn, if we open wide our "eyes", our mind. The thing is, despite it can be hard to make it happen, TAKE DISTANCE. An experience finally, regardless how good or bad it is because this is only a human subjective judgment, makes us in his own way into a process of  "facing who we are" and "for what for"...anything we run away of, it will come back another time soon or later. So there is no risk to take, only to go down the rabbit hole. I guess who is never going into this adventure live like a zombie, so wake up, you live within the dream, so make your dream happen. Your are not only an observor but a creator. Take any risk, any OPPORTUNITY. So to resume, the last and the "everyday" risk is not really a material thing, a choice etc... it's to face ourselves, clean up, move are, we are all the bright in process through the risk we take.

El último riesgo que corrí fue hacer un risotto

The last time I take a risk what was it……
Hmm, I am the kind that take risk every day as this is to me the fun of life. They are actually not really called risk in my mind but choice. Risk will imply that I will put myself at risk, which is linked in my mind to the  dramatic aspect of dyingJ This is a personal interpretation.
So the little risk I took yesterday, was to depart on purpose too late from my house, to catch a train for Belgium. I knew I was missing time but I took the risk. It is like a game: will it work or not? It is a challenge and often it works. I am therefore always happy to take these risks which show me that yes I don t need to be hours in advance to the station to cope with the fear of being late , miss the train .. at the end, if it eventually happens… who cares?
To be a bit substantial with the topic we are discussing here. .. the last serious risk I took: it was in December 2011. I become a owner of a house in Amsterdam. me that never lived more than 4 years in the same place. Me who love travelling, discovering, me who does not have much root, me who have 1001 projects , me who is working to build up an international career… I still don t even know if I am gonna stay there, maybe In a year I am gone… but I took the risk… rather I decide that this is for now what I want… who cares about tomorrow? There are no risks, solely decisions

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Angus Stone!

So good too!!!

Nearly forgot my song of the day!

Oh my god!

I'm loving it!!!

What amazing, funny, heart taking answers!
Waiting for many more pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!
I want to put at least 25 together before the next question so... I need 12 more!!!

Lots of hugs!

Here they are:

What was the last risk you took?

Falling in love... Again

My last risk was spending that month in St Martin, working on a hobby that I wasn't sure yet if it was an integral part of me, and leaving behind (temporarily) a hobby that has been my whole life for years.

The feeling I got when I first jumped in the water on my first dive after I took time off for my ear infection... that was when I really, really knew that diving is just as much a part of me as is horseback riding.  :)

My last risk was 2 years ago when I decided to take the risk of moving from US to Greece. It was a risk because I left behind my social, proffesional, and personal life at every level. I had to do it for the shake of my family (husband + 2 small kids), other wise I would have never known if it would have worked.... life is about taking risks and chances right? but we also pay dearly for their consequences.

When I decided to explore my universe, and realized that it was a mess!

The last risk i took where in the bakery (yeahhhh life is sooo existing in Barcelona!). I still remember me waiting in the queue, surended by dozens of wild clients. It was 7pm, a bad hour to go to the bakery because most of the bread is already sold. Arrived my turn, i realize that there is no more baguettes. What can i do? The bakerman looks at me, clients get tired of waiting, sweat dropling falling off my brow, i have to take a decision, a risky decision: taste another kind of bread or go to another bakery??? After sweating all my body water i decided to take the risk to taste another bread! Yeahhhh... Life is so dangerous!!!!

The last risk i took was opening a Bed and Breakfast. I try to follow
this saying :
"Take every road, no matter how much it looks like a dead-end, because
once in a while, it turns out to be a highway" - Anonymous
And the Bed and Breakfast is a highway, we are fully booked !!!!

Last year, I left my well paid job that I had for 8 years, sold my house, sold my car , went away from my friends and familly  to travel on the other side of the planet and live of my passion : scubadiving

i dived to 55m with one tank 3 weeks ago. Idiot :):)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank you my DOUDOU!!

Ups and downs!
Love it, is an amazing way to tell poetry!

My song today!

I have a project:

I'm going to try as often as I can to ask you all a random question, if you send me the answer by email, and you don't mind me to publish it on the blog, I will put all the answer together, without saying where they come from.

I just think there is some questions that are nice to ask.

Question 1 of the project:

What was the last risk you took?

Please, please, I will love to know.

Only honest answer allowed!

I finally understood!

To live your dreams is NOT to run after your dreams!
You have to fight for them, you have to make them happen, you have to make them real if you really want them...

So that is that! slowly but surely building the dream: THE dream!

Took me maybe too long to realise that you "have to make your own garden and that you don't have to wait for the others to bring you flowers", took me even longer to feel that I had to take care of myself and no only take care of other people, but took me only 3 minutes to realise how happy I can be.

This morning, looking for a wreck, we jumped in the middle of the blue.
Water was transparent, we could see the bottom at around 40 metres from the surface.
We were looking and looking for this wreck, but I was feeling good, just in the blue, like flying...
Crossing my path from time to time with a massive barracuda... everything was good!
Then I looked at my computer and realised that I was down there for already 10 minutes and I haven't seen any wreck!
Maybe time to go up then... and explain to the divers boiling in there wet suits that the wreck was no where to be seen...

Sometimes I wish time just freeze in this little moments where I feel so good, so free, so happy!

Actually this video give me the same feeling

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My song of the day...

This is exactly what I'm going to do today: walk on the wild side!

No really, I'm going to do administration papers!!! yuhuuuuu!!! you have to love it!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Just had an email...

From a friend from school... so I can say, an old friend (shame).
She send me this link to this amazing talk, and I think the world should listen to it, not just because this woman has an amazing voice and use beautiful words, but because what she actually says take you well deep inside!

Thank you Elsa to share it with me.

Because I'm a freak...

...And a quiet fan a decided to inscribe myself in the web site of Angus and Julia Stone.
I love there music, the voice, the lyrics and the videos...
I can listen to there music over and over again...

But 2 days ago I received an email, no from them obviously...
But I though, great, a new album to come... but no... I think they are separating... shit!

Anyway, if that's it, is really a shame...
I still a fan... ;-)

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what we’re up to. 
Angus and Julia have been on well-earned breaks across the globe; from India, Thailand and Bali to Byron Bay. They are now both super busy working on solo records, which will be out this year. They’ll also be touring their solo releases before they come together again for another Angus & Julia Stone record in the future.
You’ll be able to keep track of each of them and sign up for their newsletters here. We’ll also keep you updated across Angus & Julia Stone’s existing sites. 

This is amazing too...

Makes you wonder...

Check this out!!!

Merci Cecile... pas ma soeur... l'autre...
C'est trop beau et je suis au bureau aujourd'hui, c'est Horrible!!
Donc au moins j'ai la mer avec moi!!!

Au fait, tu débarques ou quoi???

Gros bisous ma belle et merci!

ps: Ca fait 4 fois que je le regarde!

In the shop...

I don't like to stay dry...
For the last few days I have been a few days in the shop... but strangely, is not so boring...
Is actually a little surrealistic, and I do like surrealistic!

People come with very strange questions... it makes me wander how this people survive in they every day life. For example:

" Where do you dive?"
Me "all around the Island, the french side, the dutch side..."
"In wich side are we?"

Closing the shop, is 5pm, literally closing!
Russian couple come
" Are you closing?"
"Yes, but can I help you?" (just trying to be polite
"Yes we want a Tshirt, it will take 5 min"
"Ok, no problem" I open the shop again (it's harder that how it sound...)
Russian guy pick up a Tshirt, size L in green
Try it on... but unsure he decide to try ALL the colours in size L, green, blue, grey, black and white...
And 5 minute became 45 minutes...
I really don't get it...

We get some strange request by phone too and people seem to don't understand the word NO or we are FULL!!!

BTW, that's one of the reviews I was talking about.
What do you think if I start writing my name like that????

"Eisa (sp?) is a wonderful dive master"

Woke up with this song in my head...

Today is a very windy day... so yes: le vent nous portera...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gracias Borges

Y uno aprende...
después de un tiempo,
uno aprende la sutil diferencia
entre sostener una mano
y encadenar un alma.
Y uno aprende
que el amor
no significa recostarse
y una compañía
no significa seguridad.
Y uno empieza a aprender….
que los besos no son contratos
y los regalos no son promesas
y que uno empieza a aceptar sus derrotas
con la cabeza alta y los ojos abiertos.
Y uno aprende a construir
todos sus caminos en el hoy,
porque el terreno del mañana
es demasiado inseguro para planes…..
y los futuros tienen una forma
de caerse en la mitad.
Y después de un tiempo uno aprende
que si es demasiado,
hasta el calorcito del sol quema.
así que uno planta su propio jardín
y decora su propia alma,
en lugar de esperar
que alguien le traiga flores.
Y uno aprende….
que realmente puede aguantar,
que uno realmente es fuerte,
y que con cada adiós uno aprende

Just love it!

Mardi Gras!

In St Martin Carnaval started yesterday night!!!
Every tuesday, they close the main boulevard of Grand Case for the next 2 month.
Is very cool!
I guess when you live on the island for many years, you don't even want to hear about the 2 month of Mardi Gras of Grand Case, you just want to have a quiet evening even on Tuesdays!

For us, yesterday, it was the perfect excuse to go out!

The boulevard was full of people and stands selling the more random stuff ever.

A lot of amazing artists, doing very original stuff,painting, photos, necklaces, clothes... and of course food!!
Food from everywhere! From Argentina, Spain, France, local food (chicken and beans, very original!).

We had a great time!

The funniest, was to see the "parade". All dressed with very bright colours and feders...
Here some local woman are very big... I wouldn't like to fight them, that's for sure, so they look like big fat pink pigeons!!!

My name is ISA!

Actually I didn't know that I had such a difficult name to understand!
My full name is Isabelle, I really don't like it! I think is heavy and sounds posh... anyway... the only person that call me Isabella is Phil (for me: Philipp) and my mother when she is not happy call me ISABELLEEEEE...
From years my sisters call me Za, but I call them Ce and Mo from Cecile and Paloma... so that's ok.

The point is that I always thought that Isa was shorter, easier and nicer.

When I have been living in Asia, the people didn't have ANY problem to say and retain my name so: what's wrong with the North Americans????

First thing in the morning:

"Hello, good morning, my name is Isa"
"Hello Lisa" or "Lisa?"
"No, Isa"
"Oh... Aisha"

I mean... Seriously?????

Then on the board of the dive centre my name is ESA, Nice!

Then when the guess send some commentaries about the trip they did with us (actually, very nice ones... bless...), my name fluctuate between:
Esa, Eisa, Izzy, of course Lisa and Aisha and Elsa as well... Lovely!

So, please, my name is Isa

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

From Josianne

Merci Josianne!
C'est trop beau!

Le bonheur n’est pas au bout du chemin, il est potentiellement partout :
dans la perception de nos pas sur le sol,
dans notre manière de le fouler,
dans les fleurs qui jalonnent la route,
dans le décor qui s’offre à nous,
dans la présence de compagnons de ballade,
dans les efforts à grimper,
dans la satisfaction du chemin parcouru…
Même dans les passages difficilement praticables,
il s’agit déjà de porter attention aux petits bonheurs qui jalonnent l’existence
et de promouvoir ces petites choses de la vie qui font sourire le cœur…
Dire « oui » plus souvent aux opportunités de la vie permet de mieux laisser opérer la magie...

Apres lire ton texte, pour moi, mon bonheur:

Les fleurs de la campagne, l'odeur a pluie, l'arc en ciel sur la mer, la pleine lune comme hier soir, voler des fruits dans les champs, plonger et rire sous l'eau, éclater de rire dans les rêves, manger des glaces a en être malade, se perdre en moto ou en voiture dans des chemins qui ne vont nul part, regarder les étoiles filantes et faire des voeux, boire un verre avec des potes, mon cafe du matin... en silence, ma nièce éclater de rire, rêver les yeux ouverts, marcher pied nu, courir dans les vagues, le soleil sur la peau froide, l'odeur de la neige, le son de la neige, rire a en pleurer....

Je peux être tellement heureuse...

I went for lunch...

...and left May day in charge of the office....

The first day of the year...

Very active day.... shame....
But an amazing sun set at the end!
Thank you 2012 to finally arrive!!

The pics of...

my last 2011 dinner!!
So good!!! and the best: the ice cream at the end... mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Love it... is what xmas is about no??? eating!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the fish!


Amazing! A Dolphin at Creole Rock!!! our Discover Scuba Diving spot!!!

Incredible! I was so surprise that took me ages to bang on my tank for my divers to turn around and see it too!!!
It was just after 3 minutes into the dive... so after that, what to show next???
My lovely crabs and shrimps of course!
The sea will always surprise me.
On the first dive today, we went to a dive site that I have never done before.
Apparently they don't go this often because is not so good... but I saw 3 eagle rays, and one of them massive! the tail was about 1m50!!
My DSD was super surprise... and me too!
Was great!
And then a Dolphin... so....

Thank you thank you thank you for all the fish!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Saying goodbye to 2011

The las sun set of the year!
It's amazing how different I started the year, I was in Munich with a big coat, and I finish the year doing 4 dives and wearing a bikini!!!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Because it's a good song...

and the kids are amazing!!!
What a good way to start the year!

some pics...

about cats

xmas... and blablabla

A new year...

I wish you all the best for the next 365 days to come!
I don't know why many people had a very strange 2011, maybe because 2012 is the end of the world... shame...
So, with no more time wasting, say good bye to all of that, let go to all the things that made you unhappy, and say hallo to a new year full of new adventures!
My year was a strange one too. But I learned, I finally learned a lot... probably not enough, but a lot!
This year I manage to break my head and break my heart and glue everything together again (I hope I put the pieces in the right place, I'm not very good at fixing).
They say that you only become a whole person, when you have been in pieces... I guess I'm on the right path... I can say, about been in pieces, was there, done that, but for sure, I will have more... because that's what life is about!
I'm trying hard to be a whole person, and keep the pieces in the right place... lets see what 2012 brings...
I want to start my 2012 saying THANK YOU:

To my family, that prove ones more to always be there for me, to feed me when I didn't want to eat, and to care about my broken heart even when I didn't want to talk.
Including my cousins calling me from Spain to Bali to tell me "don't cry", my sister that at the moment had her own shit to deal with, my niece: to slam my face real hard in the middle of my intent of meditation, sometimes, is exactly what you need!

To my friends, from London (my lovely Goats ) to Ibiza, to take care of my shit face, give me a home, and take me in there arms everyday.

To my yoga teachers, to bring out my fears about feelings, teach me to talk about me in a DEEP way and to don't take everything... to say NO and to let go!

In general to all of you that took care of me, even in Bali (thank you Rob), when I was more lost than found, and my life didn't make a lot of sense.

Sometimes we just don't say THANK YOU enough and for sure we forget many times to say I LOVE YOU to the people we really care about.

So for all of you, for all your love, to bring back the old happy smily Isa: THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU all!